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Is the traditional approach to property management still alive or outdated (landlords vs tenants)?


Working in property we hear many stories from both property owners (Landlords) and Rental customers (Tenants). The interesting fact being that we hear both positive and negative stories coming from both sides of the equation.

The traditional approach in Property Management was for the Property Management company to focus on their “Client(s)” the property owner and protect them even to the tenant’s detriment.

What is wrong with this approach?

Both the Landlord and Tenants need respect. Not all landlords have the tenants interest in mind when they want to lease their property and not all tenants have the Landlords interests in mind when occupy a rental property.

The new approach we are cultivating is a balance between managing the Landlords interests and also respecting the tenants interest at the same time.

Imagine that a rental property owned by a Landlord who cares about the tenant(s) and a property that is occupied by tenants who care about the Landlord. Sounds Great, doesn’t it?

This is what we are striving to do. We are pushing a new-age approach where both the Landlords offer a property that is in good condition, all the appliances are working and a property that is well maintained, while the Tenants pay their rent on time, keep the property in good condition, maintain the gardens and notify us “The Property Managers” immediately of any maintenance that needs to be actioned.


Stepping into the future we look forward to cultivating these new “caring professional relationships” between the Landlords and Tenants, for Us at Hand Property Co this is the ULTIMATE.



Kyle Hand

Managing Director/ Company Captain


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