When should a Buyer apply for a mortgage?

It is best to meet with the lenders prior to placing an offer on a property. Whether you choose to engage a bank, mortgage broker or mortgage banker it is up to you. Each lending institution is will require certain information to allow them to thoroughly analyse you current situation, credit history and borrowing power.  Pre-approval for a mortgage is also a great idea as it gives you the opportunity to work out how much you can borrow to purchase a particular property.

Be cautious and make sure you engage the right lending institution.

Whats involved in making an offer on a property?
  1. Firstly the prospective purchasers needs to fill out the prescribed form.
  2. Once the form has been completed and signed the Hand Property Co agent will present the offer to the vendor(s)
  3. All agents are required to pass on all signed offers to vendors.
  4. Once the vendor has received the offer a Hand Property Co agent takes them through each section and makes them aware of what each section means and the implications of each section
  5. Once the vendor(s) have made a decision, the Hand Property Co agent contacts the perspective purchaser and gives them the direct feedback/ interest.
  6. Once an offer has been accepted, the Hand Property Co prepares a contract for sale of which is completed and signed by both the Vendor(s) and perspective purchaser(s)
Why Choose Hand Property Co Pty Ltd?

Hand Property Co Pty Ltd is an innovative property company offering services in Sales and Property Management for Residential, Commercial and Rural Real Estate across the Riverland and the surrounding areas.

Our main focus is to Value Add to each service we provide to give our clients unbeatable professional service and incredible value for money.

We strive to offer the best customer service, communication and guidance to all our clients. We guarantee an honest approach and will strive not only to meet and exceed our clients expectations and in turn achieve their property goals. We are constantly investigating new technologies, software and opportunities to give our company/ clients the leading edge.

We love what we do and who we partner. We bring enthusiasm and commitment to every project we work on and we constantly remind ourselves of our core values, which are:

• Effectiveness
• Efficiency
• Honesty
• Persistence

Put simply, if you want a real estate agency who cares about you and your goals. Hand Property Co Pty Ltd is the company for YOU.