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Quick Tips for Sellers

So you are thinking of selling or are currently on the market for sale? We know this can often be a very hectic time so we have summerised some quick and simple tips to prepare you for the selling process:


  1. To keep the house looking and smelling fresh; make sure all carpets have been vacuumed and shampooed.


  1. Don’t spend thousands of dollars before selling as you may not re-coup your money – be smart about it and ask you agent what will, and won’t add value.


  1. Keep up the maintenance while your property is on the market. It may seem like an obvious statement but if you are going between two houses while it is for sale, it is very easy to let this slip.


  1. Be prepared to look at all offers.


  1. Present your property at its best. It can be hard work, especially if you are already living somewhere else but it does make a difference. It might be worth getting a gardener, cleaner or handyman to go out to the property for you if you no longer have the time.


  1. Fix any leaking taps or blocked drains. Something as simple as leaking taps may make the property feel a little unkempt which leads to thoughts of, what other maintenance issues could be hiding?


  1. Tidy gardens and mow lawns, prune trees and shrubs if necessary. First impressions count.

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