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SOUL INSPIRATION: If you are feeling stressed or out of balance.

Yin-yang decorative symbol. Hand drawn vintage style design element.


SOUL INSPIRATION: If you are feeling stressed or out of balance.



You have to love reading for inspiration in the mornings. As part of my morning routine I read a few pages from inspiring books and treatises. The current articles have been about HARMONY, MEANING AND BALANCE. These have lead me to “Yin & Yang” and cultivating harmony and meaning in life.

If the symbolic meaning is understood it certainly shows a great truth about life and help brings some perspective.


To help other earthly beings that need a bit of LOVE and INSPIRATION I will try and sum up some understanding. Here we go:

In Chinese philosophy, the Yin Yang represent Dark & Bright (Yin= shady side and Yang = sunny side)”- opposite forces or Duality. It also teaches that all situations have a good side and a bad side (two sides of every coin). We live in a world of opposites.

The two dots represent a seed of the opposite “force” inside the other, mean that wherever there is good there is bad and wherever there is bad there is good. YOU CANNOT HAVE ONE WITHOUT THE OTHER.

The symbolic meaning teaches you that both Yin & Yang are in perfect balance all the time and that all things in this world are also in perfect balance.

To use the symbolic meaning to help, bring Harmony to your life you need you remember that: EVERYTHING in your life is in perfect balance and is happening exactly at the right time.
If you are experiencing a Hard time, the seed of a Good time has already germinated within your life or situation. It can be hard to remember this when things are tough, nerveless it is important if you want to bring back that perfect balance.

You also need to remember that when you are on an emotionally happy high that there is a Hard time already germinating within your life.

To cultivate HARMONY, MEANING AND BALANCE focus on this moment and the here and now, Forget about what has troubled you in the past and do not overthink about what may or may not happen in the future. REMEMBER that everything happens exactly when it is supposed to and you can live the ULTIMATE life by being present in the moment and enjoying each moment to its fullest.






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