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The power of letting go before you decide to sell your home

If you are just testing the waters by putting your property on the market, there is a good chance you haven’t fully let go and are not completely ready to sell. If a serious buyer does come along, you quite possibly won’t be ready, and no price will seem like enough.


It is sometimes surprising when we get a great offer come in only for the Vendors to say they are not interested and then either take the property off the market or let it sit with an asking price way above any realistic market value.  It could be the memories made at the property or what the sale signifies as a milestone in their lives that makes people do this such as; retirement, downsizing, passing on of a loved one, a divorce or so on. By holding off on the sale, they also get to hold on to that time in life or not face those particular emotions.


This is absolutely understandable as the reasons for selling are not always exciting like upgrading to a dream home but are often quite sad times too. If anyone has ever told you to just ‘let it go’ (or perhaps sung it to you if they are a Frozen fan), you will understand it’s not quite that simple. It fact, someone expecting you to just let go of how you feel in a heartbeat can leave you feeling quite frustrated and misunderstood. So be kind to yourself and understand it is a process and it is human nature to resist changes and want to hold on at those emotional times.


The reasons you may still be holding on aren’t always as dramatic as a major life event either. So it is always worth asking yourself, no matter what reasons have lead you to think about selling: have I let go mentally and emotionally from this property and how would I feel if it sold today? There can always be a bit of a bitter sweet feeling when we sell any property as it’s no longer ours but we are also happy to have sold. However, if you are filled by a bit more intense emotion or fear then maybe it’s time to ponder on this a little further before hitting the market.

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